Most Loyal Animals

Most Loyal Animals

A lot of literature and media have told us about the loyalty of animals to their employers, but what about their fellow humans? The following are the 10 most loyal animals in the world where it is said that they only mate once for a lifetime, often even being a symbol of loyalty.

Even so there are some people who argue that monogamy in the animal world is just a myth. It is the same as in humans if there is to be found that there will be animals that have many partners and mate many times for their survival. But still it never hurts us to know 10 animals that are often used as symbols of love below. Right or wrong, the general perception of the world remains a matter that is believed by many to be true.

10 Most Loyals Animals On Earth


Many of you have seen the swan picture above, haven’t you? Yes, this is because geese are often used as symbols of love and loyalty. This is because of their habit of joining their heads together to form a heart-shaped picture. They are also very well known as monogamous loyal animals.

Although this is very common, in some cases they are also known to be “divorced.” The reason is because of the failure to nest, their partners die, or fall prey to predators. If so, a goose is known to look for another partner, but if all goes well they will be loyal to each other for the rest of their lives.

2-Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins are often cited as being very loyal to their partners, even though they are in fact monogamous only per year. The point is that a pair of penguins will only survive with their partners for 1 year, then in the following year while breeding season the penguin will look for another pair.

Interestingly, a researcher also found that there were penguins who were paired again with the same pair and it was proven to last up to 16 years. That’s just the name of faithful love.


Seeing other animals on this list may not surprise you but do you believe that insects such as termites are among them? Even in reality it might be the most loyal animal. From a termite colony that is so many and very large there is a tragic love story of their own. An insect queen will only mate once with a male termite, storing gametes for life as a queen, while the male termite will soon die, never remarry.

But in certain termite colonies it is found that in the longer life span, there is a structure of loyalty such as there will only be a “queen” and a “king”, which together will give birth to an entire colony.


In modern fairy tales, wolves are often depicted as cunning animals and described as evil animals. In fact they have a family life that may be more every than human relations. In general, a group of wolves will contain a male wolf, a female wolf, their children, and be repeated. This is very similar to the nuclear family (nuclear family: father, mother, child) in humans.

5-Sea eagles

Sea Eagles, better known to the world as albatross, are birds that are often found in the ocean. As animals that always fly around the sea then of course their journey is not a short trip, but even so these birds will continue to return to the same place to show that they are one of the most loyal animals in the world. During the mating season, they will return to their gathering place to mate again and this is said to continue until the end of their lives.

There is a story by an Australian photographer who wrote the story of a lonely sea eagle. This photographer noted that all the time he was monitoring the sea eagle he was getting was a feeling of loneliness. it turns out that the couple’s bird has died, maybe because of predators or fatigue, whatever the reason this partner will continue to return to the same place waiting for his lover who did not appear.


Otters are often depicted as animals that are very dedicated to their families and that also makes them described as animals that are loyal to their partners. It is said that a pair of beavers will actively raise their children until their children are 2 years old. The children will then go to look for their own families, build their own dams, and repeat this cycle of loyalty again.

7-French Angelfish

One fish that is very fond of their partners together is the French Angelfish. Both in terms of residence, travel, to hunt, everything is done together with their chosen lover. Their relationship is so faithful that it is often found that they are paired for a lifetime, even it is said in one case when 1 french angelfish died then his partner would choose to live in solitude.

8-Bald Eagle

When a bald eagle or bald eagle finds their partner, they will live with their partner forever. When migrating they will live alone but when the mating season comes, they will return to their same partner. Maybe this is the secret of a long-lasting relationship, occasionally moving away but also not forgetting a romantic togetherness.

Even so there are some cases found bald eagle will look for another partner. Similar to the case of polygamy in geese, the reason is because of the death of the spouse or also the absence of offspring. Apart from this they are usually found to be living with the same partner forever.

9-Black Vultures

Black vultures or black vultures also only mate once for a lifetime. In fact it is said this applies to the extent of being too protective where if it is found that their partner is unfaithful then the other partner will attack their unfaithful partner. Perhaps this is because the black vulture is indeed a relatively aggressive bird. They do not like other birds entering their territory and to protect their food and family, they will attack the bird including if it is a black vulture.


Siamang or gibbons which are long-sleeved black apes and are epidemic animals of Sumatra, Thailand and Malaysia have family relations that resemble humans. The difference is maybe they are more loyal than we are because it is generally said that they are one of the animals who are also loyal to their partners. The male and female will spend time cleaning each other and hanging from trees.

However, recent research also found that Siamang family life which was thought to be better than human family life turned out to be not much different. It was also found that the males would sometimes leave their partners and look for other partners.

there is other animals that are very Loyal .it just we did show the most Loyal of these animals.

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