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the Fennec - yamadayamada - 11-17-2019

Fennec (also called fennec fox) (scientific name: Vulpes zerda) is a mammal living in the wild from the canidae family, the smallest species of this family and the smallest of all types of foxes. Native to North Africa and parts of the Arabian Peninsula, this animal has a small size and large ears.

About Fennec
Fennec is more like animated cartoon characters than a real animal, with big ears, pointed mouth, weak eyes, thick tail, and velvety hair. How could a gentle animal like this live and survive in a place of little goodness like the North African desert?

Look carefully and observe the short legs that end with four feet wide and are perfectly set to run over the sand, and also notice the big ears that enable the owner to pick up the weakest sounds, and the huge tail that covers it completely when in its place, it is a night hunter joins in groups to cover large areas of the desert, If he does not find hunting, he hides behind a small tree waiting for a rat, a small snake or a gecko, and from time to time this little fox howls as he travels between rocks and dunes, as if weeping the fact that nature ruled to live in such barbaric places.

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Facts about Fennec
At night, the snakes run between the dunes in search of their prey.In the early morning, these small foxes crawl through the bush to hunt the desert lark and their chicks.Fuckers are very fond of eggs and usually take their way to the oases to feed the dates that fall from the palm trees.
The enemies of this little fox are hyenas, hawks and owls.
After catching a good night in the deadly rest of his prey - after satisfying his hunger - hide them in a hole near the entrance to his hole and this long tunnel hole where the female gives birth to three or four young.
During World War II, General Rommel was given the title of Desert Fox because of his ingenious tactics, and the true Desert Fox also has his reputation for dodging.
The bat-eared fox, which is very similar to but much larger, is found in eastern and southern Africa and is a wild animal fed mainly on termites.
The length of the Fennec is 25 cm to 42 cm and weighs from 2 to 1.7 kg. It has a long tail that varies in size from 19 cm to 31 cm.
They live in a small group of about fifteen, and they sleep together during the day in their large burrows, which are ten meters deep, and these animals search for food in the dark.
Do you know ?
That few Fennec enemies in addition to the jackal and cornea snakes?

Reproduction at Fennec
After mating, the female gives birth once or twice a year, after a pregnancy that lasts for about 55 days. The female puts three to four puppies in groups, and the mother takes care of them and ensure that they feed from her milk for only one month, while the males stay out of burrows and away from puppies until they grow up.