safety environment for dog

Maintain a safe environment for your dog

All dogs need a maintain save environment  so it can be way from Diseases , so there is somethings u should do to keep it save it may simple but its so important

1 / Avoid feeding the dog from human food. Foods that are safe for humans can be deadly to dogs. Products such as xylitol are especially dangerous for your dog and are found in sugar-free foods and dental care products.
Some other toxic foods include: bread dough, chocolate, avocado, alcohol, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic and other foods.
2 / Avoid giving human medicine to your dog. Avoid giving human medicine until you check with your veterinarian. These medications may be toxic to dogs and may worsen the disease.
3 / Beyond toxic substances from your home, garage and yard. Always watch your dog when he’s out. Keep poisonous materials out of the reach of your dog. These include pesticides, antifreeze, fertilizers, prescription drugs, pesticides, and other substances [5] These can be toxic and deadly to the dog.

If your dog is slightly ill (he doesn’t eat well for a day, is disturbed, vomits once or twice, or has a bout of diarrhea), you can watch him carefully at home and contact your veterinarian for advice.

and there is other more things u should do :

Visit the veterinarian once every six months instead of once a year to check on the dog’s health, conduct laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging.
Be sure to walk the dog for short periods several times a day to keep him active.
Use the slopes inside the house to help the dog climb the stairs, and put special rugs to protect it from slipping while walking.
Provide dog orthopedic bed  Orthopedic Dog Bed) to relieve body pain. Feed your dog a healthy, nutritious, low-calorie diet, and provide nutritional supplements for older dogs.
Keep a record of your dog’s health, contact your veterinarian and ask for help if you notice changes in his or her behavior or health.


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